Monday, January 28, 2008

He is walking

The video is a little dark, but there he is. My little boy is walking. Here is a couple more videos.

And a cute photo. Tim's first mustache.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My sister sent me some pictures post

I apologize in advance for the picture overload.But considering the amount of pictures she emailed, this is nothing.
Tim hanging out with Grandpa S watching football.

Here he is eating pears and yogurt. One of his favorites.

Playing with Grandpa, again.
Dancing after knocking over Grandpa's tower.

Tim has been playing with doors, opening and closing them. He loves playing peekaboo, but with doors it's twice the fun.

"Where's Tim?"

"Here I am"

These B&W photos show the beginnings of a tantrum

Monday, January 21, 2008


My camera's battery is dead, and I can't find the rechargeable batteries that go with the camera. So there will be no pictures until I figure this situation out. So no cute adorable pictures of Tim, for now.
I do have some happy news. The Superbowl is in two weeks, and my team, the patriots, have an undefeated season. They are going up against my sisters team, the Giants, at the Superbowl. I have no doubts that they will win.
I have some even happier news. My sister, the same sister who cheers for the losing team, are opening up a daycare. We already have two boys, aged 7, and they start today. It should be fun, and it never hurts to have some extra money.
Tim is on the verge of walking. He'll stand on his own for a few moments, and if you sit away from him, he'll start to walk towards you. He's so good at crawling though, that I think it will be at least another month before he's walking all the time. But I could be wrong, I have been before.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tim's New Pet

This week Tim adopted some goldfish for our free fish tank. Our house is a zoo, for those who've never been to our home we already had a dog, and two cats. Here's a picture of Tim checking out the empty fish tank.

Here's a picture of him making faces against the tank.

And here's his new fish.

Tim is also due for another haircut. So I took a couple pictures of his wild and crazy hair. His shirt is a little big in these pictures as well. Guess we'll have to wait a couple of months for this shirt.

And a picture of my happy little man.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

We Moved

We moved out of my parents house, and into our own place over the weekend.
Tim has adjusted very well to his new home. And after two nights of fighting his bedtime, he is back into a regular routine, and sleeping all the way through the night.
Until we get settled there may not be too many updates. But as soon, as I can find everything, and unpack all the boxes, I will update on everything Tim has been doing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Stats

Tim had his one year doctors appointment today

He weighed in at 21.5lbs.

And was 29inches tall.

And here's a couple pictures of my little man eating out of his new bowls.