Monday, July 30, 2007

Simpsonize me!!!

I was bored tonight. Waiting for Hells Kitchen to come on. So I decide to check out the Simpsons movie website. And happened upon this neat little feature. You can take a personal picture and they'll turn you into a Simpson. Unfortunately, I just cleared my computer of all my pictures. So the only ones we had left we're recent pictures of Tim. Isn't he cute, even as a yellow, four fingered cartoon.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

My dad is turning 50 today. So Dad here's a few things that have happened on July 27th.

        • 1778 - British and French fleets fight to a standoff in the first Battle of Ushant.

        • 1909 - Orville Wright sets a world record for staying aloft in an airplane--one hour, 12 minutes and 40 seconds.

        • 1921 - Canadians Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best isolate insulin at the University of Toronto.

        • 1953 - Representatives of the United Nations, Korea and China sign an armistice at Panmunjon, Korea.

        • 1957- Tim Smith was born in Regina Saskatchewan

        • 1993 - Israeli guns and aircraft pound southern Lebanon in reprisal for rocket attacks by Hezbollah guerrillas.

        Happy Birthday Dad!!

        Happy 7th Month Birthday Tim
        Tim has been up to so much this month. He's tried so many new foods. He had Cheerios, Pasta, Yogurt and Cottage Cheese. And he loved them all. Especially the yogurt. He's started balancing himself with the couch, with a little proping that is. He's reaching for toys more and more. And he's sitting like a pro.

        Wednesday, July 25, 2007

        Hanging out in his PJs

        Here's some pictures of Tim in his foot pyjamas. He usually hangs out in them until about noon.

        Here's a close up of his cute little face. He loves to ham it up for the camera.
        And here he is laughing at me. Oh mom you're so funny. Well at least I tell myself I am.

        Tuesday, July 24, 2007

        Still not crawling

        We haven't been doing much the last couple of days.That is Since my book arrived, and I'm still not done. No spoilers or else.... Yesterday Tim and I were playing on the ground. He was lying on his belly, playing with his keys. I was also cooking a batch of baby food for him. When the stove timer went off, I got up to remove the pot from the heat. Only to return to find this...

        He somehow shimmied his way over to his pile of toys. I'm positive that he didn't crawl though. Probably just moved in a circle until he could reach all of them.

        Wednesday, July 18, 2007

        Here's A Video


        All hail the Cheerio. The greatest, tastiest of all cereal.

        I went grocery shopping on Sunday, and General Mills cereal was one sale. Yep 2for4$. And I had a coupon. So I got two family size boxes of Cheerios for 3$. Anyway. We gave Tim his first taste of Cheerios on Monday. And he loves them. He hasn't figured out how to pick them up himself. But with our help he manages to get them in his mouth. (Usually I just pop one in his mouth.)

        Monday, July 16, 2007

        5 more days

        Yes that's five more days until I fall off the face of the earth. Until I will be unreachable. Five more days until the day I have been waiting for since December. The new and final book in the Harry Potter series is coming out. There are so many theories surrounding this new book. From the absolutely absurd to the almost believable. I can barely contain my excitement. And I think my darling husband is getting pretty bored with me. Oh well he only has 5 more days until I stop bothering him. Then I'll start bothering him to read the book. So I can talk to him about what happens. It only took him two years to read the sixth one. So hopefully he reads this next one a little quicker.

        Wednesday, July 11, 2007

        This is what we do ALL day...

        So Tim has started playing this new game I like to call this game, "Empty the bucket" No that's not trademarked, you can use it if you want. The game is very simple. I fill the bucket with all his toys.

        Then he goes and empties the bucket.

        He'll even tip the bucket upside down to get the heavier toys out. What a clever little man.

        Then I refill the bucket. And it starts all over again. He could play this game all day. That is if he didn't have to eat and nap.

        Monday, July 9, 2007

        First Trip to the park

        We finally had a nice day, one without rain or blistering heat. So we went to the park. First we went to the park closest to our home. But this stray pitbull showed up to join our fun. Since we had brought Sam with us, it wouldn't have been such a great idea to stick around. So we had to go to the next park. Which unfortunately didn't have any slides, or swings, or anything. We hung out in the baseball diamond instead. Seeing as the park was completely empty we let Sam off her leash, and Blaine tossed a tennis ball with her. Tim loved the outdoors. He had so much to look at. And he always loves watching Sam run around.

        Thursday, July 5, 2007

        My Other Babies

        My puppy Sam

        My kitty Norbert

        My other kitty Igby

        And can't forget my dad's baby Kiera. I think that's how it's spelt. I've never really thought to ask.

        Tuesday, July 3, 2007

        Happy Birthday To Me!

        Well it was yesterday. I had a great day. My husband bought me some flowers, a foot spa and took me out to dinner at Chilis. He was craving ribs, so I let him get his way. Just joking, I love ribs too. And yes I did have a margarita, and it was very tasty. Hey it was my birthday I should be able to indulge every now and then. We took Tim with us, and he was perfect the whole meal. For the first little while he sat and played with his toys, then he fell asleep. He then woke up just in time for us to leave.

        We went home afterwards and had a nice relaxing evening we watched Supernanny. Sometimes that shows makes me question whether I want to have more kids. But of course I do, because in the end they always end up having so much fun. As a big, happy, family. That's the way it works on the show anyway.

        So look who learned how to hold his own bottle. Well sort of. He can only hold this one, because it is smaller then the rest. And he really shows no interest in holding the bottle, unless I put his hands on it. So this was actually just luck that I had the camera near by, because he only held on for a minute.

        Sunday, July 1, 2007