Friday, May 11, 2007


We went to Atlanta on Wednesday to see a Braves game. Here's some pics of Tim's first ballgame.

Braves Win!!

Chipper Jones hit the winning homer.

Hanging out before the game

Sleeping with his hat over his eyes
Outfield from our seats
Another pic from our seats
After the game waiting for the traffic to clear

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Playing with his rattle

Monday, May 7, 2007

I got tagged

Okay this is gonna be pretty hard. Hopefully it doesn't take too long. I am trying to watch Heroes and browse the Internet.

1) I'm really shy.. I am so shy that I eloped to Vegas so I wouldn't have to walk down the aisle and have everyone stare at me. No regrets of course. I loved Vegas. And can't wait to go back

2) I sometimes sit in my PJ's until 3 in the afternoon. Which is about the same time I finally get to shower

3) I love clothes. I am so glad I discovered Marshalls it really helps my budget. I will spend more then my fare share on shirts. And bags. Including diaper bags. Also shoes. Ah, I'm a shopaholic.

4) I hate my hair. Hate, Hate, Hate it. It's unruly, hard to brush. I wear it in a ponytail everyday. I wish I could do something more with it. But I don't have the time

5) I hate Walmart, but shop there anyway. Every time I go there something pisses me off. But I keep on going. What is wrong with me

6) I would rather sit at home and watch TV all night then go out with people. I don't get any time alone all day. I just want some alone time vegging in front of the TV. Why don't people understand. Oh yeah because they don't have kids.

7) I tried University for about a week and hated it. My husband keeps pushing me to go back. But I don't want to, and I think it really disappoints him.

To everyone I tagged. List 7 random facts about yourself and tag seven people you know. Leave me a comment if you participate so I can check out yours

First Taste Of Vegetables

Tim tried squash today. He took to the squash a lot easier then the cereal. Didn't make a funny face or anything. Although he did make more of a mess with it. Lucky for me, I took his shirt off before feeding. Thanks to all the BBC moms who gave me the great advice.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Having a pretty relaxing day today so thought I'd have a little fun with Tim's photos. Here's a look at how much he's grown.






Spent most of my Sunday, so far, making baby food. It's pretty easy once you start. Except for the squash. I have never eaten a squash in my life. Truth be told I've never even seen one. I had no idea how hard they were too peel. Once I got the hang of it though it became pretty simple. Waiting for the sweet potatoes and the squash to freeze. Then I'm gonna make some green beans and some peas.
Also a little update on the cereal he's been eating. We tried Oatmeal on Friday and he loves it. He's also started liking his rice cereal. Well I wouldn't say like it, but he eats it. And that's good enough for me.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tim squealing

Yummy Cereal

Tim started cereals on Saturday. Well lets just say he's taking to it very slowly. I don't blame him. How tasty could rice cereal mixed with formula be.

I love this picture. I put a bit on the end of his spoon, and for some reason. This is how much came out of his mouth. When you think they've swallowed it all..

Afterwards. He is reasonably clean in this picture. Usually he gets his hands in it. And it ends up all over the place.