Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Children's Festival

Yesterday we took a trip to the Children's Festival. It's a yearly event in Saskatoon. The festival goes for five days in June, and usually it's accompanied by rain. No exception this year, except for the day we chose to go....lucky us. We went to the family flapjack, which is pancake breakfast and a show. Everyone really loved the show, The Good Food Diner, especially Tim. He had a ginormous smile on his face the whole time.

Here's Tim planting a sunflower. He would not touch the dirt, except to scoop it in the cup, so I had to push down the dirt and plant the sunflower. So it has turned into my labour of love. We'll see if we get a sunflower out of it.
Playing with the giant connect four. All the little kids loved this.

Tim making a craft. I wish I had taken a picture of the final project, but we were so busy I never thought of it.

I wish I had taken more pictures of Noah, but he was so excited that getting him to look at the camera was near impossible. So here's one of him taking a drink break.

Tim playing in the sandbox.

and the play tent.

Noon rolled around, and it was time for Noah to take a nap, so we went for franks at the Saskatoon bus stop restaurant. So good, and they have so many great ice cream flavours too.

Watching a science experiment...a bottle rocket.

Tim playing with the LEGO.

Noah watching Tim play with the LEGO

Running off because he was bored with watching Tim play.