Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birth Story

This story will start at the doctor's office the day before. I had gone in on the ninth to see my doctor, regular weekly prenatal, and she told me there was no progress. We decided together strip the membranes, but both had little hope. Ben was still sitting very high. 

I posted on here about the appointment, and then went to bed. 

At 230 I woke up with a very painful contraction. So I headed out in the living room to watch some TV, thinking that it was false labour again. After 2 hours of timing them, they went from 10 minutes apart to 5 minutes, I woke up Blaine and told him it's time. Auntie Jen came over to watch the boys. 

We arrived at the hospital, and I knew that we should be heading to the delivery room pretty soon. They put me in a labour assessment room, but as soon as the head nurse saw me she knew it was time to get going. 

We moved to the delivery room, where we awaited the anesthesiologist. She arrived, and did a pretty much perfect epidural. It felt great, and I was giving a chance to relax. My labour slowed a little afterwards though, going from 3 minutes to 6 minutes apart. 

My doctor showed up at 9am, and broke my water. Labour still wasn't progressing though, so they came in and gave me oxytocin to get things moving along. About a quarter of an hour after being giving the oxytocin, it was time to push. I feel like I was most alert for this one, being fully aware of every push, everything that was going on around me. 

I am so happy that I went into labour without being induced. 



yeah! sounds like a pretty smooth delivary and im so very happy for you! Congrats on a beautifil baby boy!


Congrats! So glad it went well for you!

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