Saturday, June 23, 2007

Road Trip

We went on our first road trip since Tim was born. 36 hours of driving. Tim is doing very well today though he has gotten back to his regular schedule already. With very little fussing.

We first stopped in Calgary to visit Grandma and Grandpa Dobson. Here's a picture with him and his Grandma.

Here's a picture of Tim and his cousin Kinnon

These are pictures of him with his great aunt(Grandpa) Lois. And his uncle Garret.

Then we went to Regina where we went to my Cousin Shanna's wedding.

Here's a picture of Great grandma, Great grandpa, Grandma, Grandpa,Mom, Dad and Tim. Thanks Kay for the wonderful idea.

His Auntie Jen at the wedding

Hanging out with Grandma Smith at the reception

The next day we headed out to Saskatoon. Where we visited Grandma and Grandpa Smith at home.

Playing with Aunt Jen's teddy bear

We made it home last night at 6pm. Tim is grabbing everything in site now. And he's really loving his solid foods. He's rolling from his back to his tummy like crazy. He's even having problems falling asleep because he rolls in his crib then can't roll back over.



Welcome back! Glad you had a good trip. Brett is grabbing at stuff too! He loves his toys. And he's rolling over like crazy too...he finally learned to roll over back to his tummy at night instead of me having to constantly go in and turn for him. Thank goodness!!