Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well it was yesterday. I had a great day. My husband bought me some flowers, a foot spa and took me out to dinner at Chilis. He was craving ribs, so I let him get his way. Just joking, I love ribs too. And yes I did have a margarita, and it was very tasty. Hey it was my birthday I should be able to indulge every now and then. We took Tim with us, and he was perfect the whole meal. For the first little while he sat and played with his toys, then he fell asleep. He then woke up just in time for us to leave.

We went home afterwards and had a nice relaxing evening we watched Supernanny. Sometimes that shows makes me question whether I want to have more kids. But of course I do, because in the end they always end up having so much fun. As a big, happy, family. That's the way it works on the show anyway.

So look who learned how to hold his own bottle. Well sort of. He can only hold this one, because it is smaller then the rest. And he really shows no interest in holding the bottle, unless I put his hands on it. So this was actually just luck that I had the camera near by, because he only held on for a minute.



Happy Birthday! Glad you got to do some fun things. Enjoy eating out with Tim while you can! :)