Sunday, August 5, 2007

To explain my absence from the world. No we can't blame this one on Harry Potter, I finished that ages ago. No, I will put blame on the Tudors. The popular Showtime TV program. If you haven't checked this show out. I strongly suggest you do. I think it's better then the Sopranos.

Okay, Okay now to get to what this blog is really about. Tim has been rolling like crazy. I took a few videos of the rolling to show my readers, but Photobucket has been acting up for me. I will get the videos posted as soon as I can get them uploaded. If anyone knows an easier way to get them posted on here let me know. I am sick of waiting on Photobucket.

Blaine's been reading the last Harry Potter. Finally he's actually interested in reading.

Here's a picture of Tim after a meal. Don't you just love that smile.

Here he is standing up. Holding onto the table.

And to finish of the post. Blaine and I have an announcement to make. We will be moving back home at the end of August. We decided that it is in our, mostly Tim's, best interest to move closer to family.



Look at him standing! What a big boy! Where will you be moving back to? Having family close by is definately a good thing. I just had a medical scare this morning and it was so nice to drop off the boys at my parents.

Have you tried using YouTube? That's what I use now for videos and it works well.