Friday, November 16, 2007

My Baby Is Sick

This is the second time since Thanksgiving(Canadian) that Tim has come down with a cold.
Yesterday he was okay, for someone with a cold, he had a runny nose, and a little bit of the sneezes. But overnight his cold took a turn for the worse. He woke me up at 4am, and I gave him some infant Tylenol to help with the uncomfortableness(if that's a word). After a little bit of formula he went back to sleep at about quarter after 4, only to wake up at 5am. This time my husband got up, and played with him for about an hour. He fell back asleep at 6am. And then woke up at 730, his usual wake time. My amazing husband woke up with, and they played for an hour. Then I woke up and fed him breakfast. My husband had a short nap before waking up for work at 915am. Tim went back to sleep at 9am. He seemed okay when he went for his morning nap, a little sniffle, and a slight cough.
But nothing prepared me for what I would see at 1230p, when he woke up from his nap. Side note, he has never slept three hours in the morning. He was coughing up a storm, coughing so hard he would gag after each coughing fit. His eyes were watering, it looked like he was crying. I tried to feed him lunch, but after 3 bites of each, he wouldn't eat anymore. Then at 115p, he went back to sleep.
I will give you an update later tonight after he goes down for the night.



Poor little guy! Brett is sick too with an ear infection and cold. He looks so pathetic. My poor baby.

Hope he gets to feeling better soon!