Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Fever

The other day, as I was putting photos away from Vegas, Tim found his baby photo album. He had such a blast pointing out his little baby pictures. I, on the other hand, had a little tingle that it was time to start working on another little one. You know that baby fever, where every little baby foot makes you want your own little baby. They are just so darn adorable.

Then I got to thinking is there ever a point when you know you are done. Is there a feeling, a sign? Or do you just decide, that whether you get the itch or not, this one is your last?



Wish I could help you there. I KNOW I want another one. I just know that I don't want one right this second, but then my little one is still tiny. Wish he could stay that way for just a little longer.
I think you probably get a feeling that your family is complete. I'm hoping you get a moment when you look happily at your family and realize, "Ya know what? I'm done...we are perfect."


Hmm. I knew I wanted another one because I really wanted a girl. I got my girl. Sometimes I miss babies but I remind myself that I like my sleep more...two is my limit, I think..


I know I am partly responsible for your baby fever and Im proud of it, lol! As for knowing your done, im not there yet even though having another one would be really tough on us in all aspects i still feel like we just might do this again. Im afraid i will never have the feeling of being done and thats when I will get a puppy, lol!


i loved Cerise's answer. I think I'm done. Chris doesn't want to be done. G loves looking at baby pictures of himself and asking "is that me?"