Thursday, March 24, 2011

Las Vegas

We did so much, in a short time. I am going to be doing a post for each day that we were down there. Except the last day, we spent that one at the airport, and on an airplane.

Day 1: Saturday

My mom, little sister Kayla, me and my other little sister Jen before we headed out to the airport. We were leaving snowy Saskatoon for Las Vegas, so we were very excited.

After a bumpy flight we finally landed in Las Vegas. Here's a picture of the strip from our airplane.

We took a shuttle from the airport to our hotel. Only to arrive at our room, and it wasn't even ready. They were still cleaning it. The people before us must have made quite a mess.

After we dropped off all our bags, shook off our post plane fogginess, we took a cab to Fremont St. Here's my mom and sister's standing in front of 4 queens. And they aren't kidding about the brightness of Old Vegas, it was crazy full of lights.

My mom with her first Las Vegas drink. The bartender just kept pouring, I think half the cup was full of hard alcohol. Needless to say she got a "little" tipsy.

A shot of the roof on Fremont St.

The Golden Nugget

Another shot of the roof

After we left Fremont St. we headed back to our hotel, Monte Carlo, and headed to the pub. No pictures from the pub though. My sister has a few, when I can get them off her camera, I will post more about our first day.